Thursday, 26 February 2009

Wooden Blinds - Neat, Tidy and Totally Practical

Wooden Blinds - Neat, Tidy and Totally PracticalWhen it comes to tips and wrinkles, it is all about common sense and this cover a massive area from gardening to travel or from keeping warm to home cooking. Making the right choice will also normally save you money in the long run and give a 'feel good' factor alongside.

Let's take windows and what choices are out there for blocking out sunlight that is practical, environmentally friendly and stylish at the same time. The are curtains of course but they are difficult to clean, give of lots of dust, are cumbersome and not particularly fashionable in the modern home. The most practical option are wooden blinds. This will ad a touch of class to any room and compliment any existing wooden floor or furniture. They fit into any type of room from the bathroom to the conservatory and are so easy to use.

With maximum control of lighting levels the natural wood which is environmentally friendly will ooze warmth alongside the practicality of a venetian blind system.

If you fit these blinds they will be made to measure and available online which invariably means they will be cheaper the high street prices saving money. All styles and tastes are catered for and in this instance prices start from just £8.95 and that includes delivery in the UK!

I have wooden venetian blinds in my village farmhouse and wouldn't go back to anything else, they are so easy to clean and don't attract insects to nest in them like my old curtains used to do.

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