Sunday, 8 February 2009

Financial Crisis? - Tips to Save More Money

We are in an age where saving money is vitally important as this world financial crisis take hold and continues to affect out disposable income. There are many avenues you can take to save, but the most effective are on expanses that are made regularly, namely your household budget.

Within the household budget we pinpoint the bulk of spending in the supermarket. So many of us use supermarkets for daily, weekly or monthly shopping and fall into the trap of spending more than you should. This is an area where you certainly can make some savings and fight the tactics supermarkets use to get you to spend more than you should.

If you make up a spreadsheet on the computer and load it up with how much you have spent every day. Then work out how much you have left for the end of the week. this is an interesting project you can start, and will enjoy. You will see exactly where your overspending lies. It also gets addictive. You can colour code days that no spending take place. As mentioned before, the biggest expenditure will be the regular supermarket shop. Make up a list of items you need before you go and more importantly, stick to it. Only buy the stuff you need not want. If you have children don’t take them shopping with you, they will nag you and you will overspend.

Every supermarket has reduced items and items that are short dated. Most if not all supermarkets start reducing items in the evening to make way for new stock overnight. Change you shopping times to get in one these bargains, but again be careful that you buy only item that are on your list, not for the sake of buying because it's cheap.

These few tips will save you money, but don't just do it as a one off, make a habit. Just think, each time you do these it might save you £20 a week. On a one off that' not a lot, but over the year this will enlarge the saving you have made to over £1000!

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