Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Use Springboard Techinique For Ideas In Business

Everyone has at least one opportunity in life to do something that can change their life, but that most people just either don't see it or are too scared to take it up. Acting on ideas you come up with has to be done if it is a good idea for good reasons. If it is a good idea someone else will eventually have the same idea and act on it. It is then the case of looking back in hindsight and wishing you had done something about it then.

Generating ideas doesn't come easily, you need a springboard to bounce ideas off. There are many ways that you can get this springboard effect, let's look at some:

* Listen to other people
This is a skill that many of us just don't have. Really listening to what people are saying will give you lots of information you can digest. Some people have great ideas, but don't do anything other than talk about them. This is where you can come in and act on them.

* Listen to other people complaining
When complaints are being made, they usually come with problem solving suggestions. These are ideas, ideas that you may take on board and use. Complaining therefore is a positive activity from your side. The skill is that important aspect of listening to people again.

* Write down your ideas
So many time ideas come forward and then take a sharp u-turn as they had not been recorded to refer back to. The secret is to write down you ideas directly they come to you, even if it is in the middle of the night, have a Dictaphone handy in a draw by the side of your bed, it could make the difference the following morning. There is no time like the present as ideas can come in a flash, but they can also go in a flash!

* Listen to the new generation
Children and teenagers are the new generation in this world. They look upon thing in a fresh light not stuck in the past. This area is a superb resource for new, bright and fresh ideas. Take time for this generation, they have a lot of energy and will inspire you to ideas coming from a different angle

* Research on Google
What are people looking for on Google? This is such a simple concept. If you see what the most popular searches are, you will know where the demand is and springboard you ideas around this. So simple, but hardly anyone does it.

These are just a few tips on how to come up with ideas using the springboard system.

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